Partnering with Two Point Oh! is a fun, easy and affordable way to connect with fashion, style and beauty bloggers. We offer a variety of services to implement partnerships and programs to help your business or event and provide our bloggers with access to experiences, brands and story sources.

With 150 fashion, style and beauty blogger members in Los Angeles and a growing membership nationally and internationally—for a collective reach of 25 million—we have bloggers to fit every partnership.

In brand exposure environments we’ve seen web increases of up to 300% overnight. In retail environments our presence has increased sales by almost 70%, and event programming can reach in excess of 25 million impressions.

We have had successful partnerships with brands and organizations such as MAGIC MARKET WEEK, Lulu*s, Neiman Marcus, AllSaints, the Recording Academy, The GRAMMY Style Studio, Gypsy 05, Crossroads Trading, Reef, Forever 21, Modcloth, XCVI, Nick Chavez and POP Beauty, Threadflip,, Merino Wool, GUESS,, Hautelook, Sole Society and retail malls such as The Grove, The Americana at Brand, South Bay Galleria, Westfield Culver City and The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace Las Vegas.

Partners are always carefully considered. It is essential all partnerships follow a strict code of ethics, all FTC guidelines and be beneficial for all parties involved.

Brand and Agency Membership

Launching in late 2013, Two Point Oh! now offers brand and agency membership. Brand/Agency membership is a unique opportunity to become a part of the Two Point Oh! community.

Each brand or agency is able to create its own profile on site, has exclusive access to our community of bloggers and can communicate with them through our online portal—posting opportunities and projects that are available to them as well as interacting with select bloggers on a one-on-one level.

Member brands and agencies also receive exclusive discounts on Two Point Oh! programming, event sponsorships and projects.

Single Brand Membership: $150 annually
Agency/Multi Brand Membership: $300 Annually

Share an Event

Every Tuesday we send out a newsletter featuring local events that our bloggers may be interested in attending. Events must be received by Monday at 6pm for inclusion. Available cities: Los Angeles, New Orleans, San Francisco, London, New York City.

Price: $25

We also offer the opportunity to send out dedicated emails to our members, which focus solely on your event.

Price: $250

Additional PR and Production Services

In addition to simply alerting our bloggers to your event, we also offer media partnerships and extensive PR and production services to ensure your event goes ahead under the full attention of our bloggers as well as other local influencers.

Prices begin at $500

Custom Event Packages (including Bloggers Lounges)

If you would prefer a larger online media presence at your event, we can set up a bloggers lounge or other blogger programming. This allows bloggers to have a space within the event where they can live blog, tweet, facebook, conduct interviews and perform all their “bloggerly duties”.

Prices begin at $500

Event Sponsorship

Please stay tuned for our latest opportunities.

Brand Partnerships

Looking to get your product in front of our bloggers? We can match you with an ideal partner or partners to review your products, work with your brand, organize an event or launch a larger scale project.

We also consider ourselves idea people—if you know you want to work with bloggers but are at a loss as to how, we can produce a campaign to match your needs, in partnership with our bloggers.

Cost is dependent on level of the project—it can simply be a call to action in our forums or something more elaborate, like a full scale campaign. Price is dependent on quantity of bloggers, duration of project and sheer man hours.

Price: variable

Advertising and Sponsored Content

Within the Two Point Oh! network of bloggers alone there are over 25 million impressions to be accessed. Thanks to our unique relationship with these bloggers and other bloggers internationally, we are able to create partnerships between bloggers and brands that are mutually beneficial. We believe in quality and we believe that quality comes at a price, but we don’t believe that price should rival your print magazine budget.

Our solutions are transparent and effective. We create advertising packages based on a ‘Cost per Mile’ (cost per 1000 impressions) basis—you pay us for the amount of impressions you wish to access and we place the ads for you. We can establish minimum and maximum payment per blog guidelines to ensure you never go over budget.

Every package is customizable. Perhaps you want to reach 20 bloggers, 50 bloggers or 200. Maybe you just want 2 million impressions from however many blogs; maybe you’ve just been trying to get that one sponsored post, on that one great blog. Or possibly, you need a 100 tweets to go out at one time—whatever it is, we can tailor what we do to your needs.

Price: variable

Blogger Ambassadorships and Affiliate Programs

Our ambassadorship program is a hybrid between the traditional affiliate program and what is now commonplace blogger gifting. The traditional affiliate program is static, limits the level of engagement and is not always rewarding for both blogger and brand.

By merging affiliate programs with gifting models, we allow the bloggers to create personal, organic content that’s motivated by both their love of the product and the opportunity to earn money. It’s an affordable and rewarding way to work with your favorite bloggers. During our most recent campaign, blogger sales made up 50% of gross sales.

The program also allows you to build relationships with bloggers and take their ambassadorships further, from Twitter parties to guest blogging, to custom campaigns.

Price: variable