SEO Mistakes Committed by Consultants That Leave Customers Un Satisfied

For many webmasters, the term SEO is not new. What is new is the use of SEO in marketing campaigns. In the world of online search, link building specifically refers to actions aimed at enhancing the quantity and quality of internal inbound links for a website with the intent of increasing its ranking in search results. Although it may sound a little complicated, link building has been proven to play an important role in Search Engine Optimization. This is because search engines have a rule of thumb that a site’s PR will drop off sharply if it receives too many inbound links pointing to it. Hence, one should do everything possible to increase the link popularity of his website.


There are two basic types of link building: one-way and two-way link building. One-way link building involves creating backlinks from relevant sites while two way link building entails more effort in coming up with backlinks from as many relevant sites as possible. It is important for a website to come up with as many backlinks as possible because search engines give more weight to the number of backlinks coming from a relevant site than the quality of the backlinks. Hence, having a lot of backlinks from low quality sites may hamper your SEO efforts. Thus, it is important to identify which type of link building is best suited for a particular website and take the necessary steps to boost its rankings in search engines.

The first step towards a successful SEO strategy is to build links organically. This means that you need to make sure that your website comes up in the first few pages of search engines for a given keyword. You can achieve this by making use of keywords that have low competition and are highly searched terms. It is also important that the keywords you choose are highly relevant to the website’s content and theme.

In order to do this, you need to do thorough keyword research, conduct quality link building and create informative articles or blogs using these keywords. One excellent strategy is to get involved in social media marketing and start following popular blogs in your niche. In addition to this, it is also beneficial to invest in quality content creation such as writing newsletters and SEO content articles. Another real-life example of this is that when conducting an SEO audit on your website, it is always beneficial to look at the source code to see if there are any loopholes allowing malicious software to attack your website.

In addition to this, you can also use in-depth linking strategies like writing email outreach or blog comments containing backlinks to your website. For instance, infographics provide an easy, quick and effective way to give detailed information about a topic. It is also important to note that real-life examples like using in-depth link building strategies and in-bound links from social networking sites like Facebook are often disregarded by web developers because they assume that SEO will not be affected by this approach.

One common mistake made by SEO consultants is that they do not conduct quality link building or write compelling guest posts in their websites. Even though guest posts may not directly have an effect on the ranking of the website, it provides valuable backlinks for the SEO consultant’s website. In addition to this, seo consultants should also conduct quality link building strategies by optimizing their sites for specific keywords that link to their websites. For instance, if a visitor types “apple” into a search engine, it is likely that the visitor will be interested in Apple products. This means that by creating articles or blog posts with targeted keywords, you will be creating backlinks to apple related sites.

Another mistake committed by SEO consultants is overuse of black-hat link building techniques. Black-hat link building is when website owners hire other people to post links on their site with the aim of artificially raising the website’s ranking. However, this method is extremely time consuming and is often unsuccessful. SEO consultants should refrain from engaging in this type of link building.

SEO consultants should also not forget about link equity. Link equity is the value of a site based on the backlinks it receives. This is the concept of the “backlink”. If the SEO firm has great amount of backlinks which are relevant to the customer’s need, then the SEO firm can increase the website’s rank and increase the customer’s satisfaction.