Klout: Top 10 Most Influential LA Fashion Bloggers on Twitter

Today I sat down to catch up on blogs, starting with Independent Fashion Bloggers – a go to resource for any fashion blogger. The blog featured an article on Klout, one of the newer ways marketers and PR companies are checking the influence of bloggers. The full explanation is in this article, it’s a good read.

Feeling curious/nosey, I checked out my own score, and was pleased, I then proceeded to check out the score of every Los Angeles based fashion blogger I could think of, all of our Two Point Oh! LA members and other L.A fashion bloggers.

Unless you sign up you can only see how Twitter affects your score, so below is the Top Ten L.A Fashion Bloggers on Twitter, ranked by their “Klout” – I was so pleased to see so many Two Point Oh! LA members on here, I just had to share!

My only disclaimer is, I may have missed someone, so if there’s someone you think should be on here, based on their “Klout” and the criteria – let me know!

1. @RumiNeely/Fashion Toast – Klout: 67
2. @MarieDenee/Curvy Fashionista* – Klout: 67
3. @By Emily/Cupcakes and Cashmere – Klout: 62
4. @FashOrganized/Fashionably Organized* and @CurvesandChaos/Curves and Chaos* (TIED)- Klout: 58
5. @LBCShopper/ Cid Style File*, @SydneSummer/ Think Thru Fashion* and @Stylesmith/ Dedicated Follower of Fashion* (TIED) – Klout: 57
6. @GeriHirsch/ Because I am Addicted , @Recessionista/The Recessionista*, @FSalvation / Fashion Salvation* and @Karla_Deras /Karla’s Closet (TIED) – Klout: 55
7. @RackedLA/ Racked LA* (TIED) – Klout: 54
8. @InnyVinny/ Instant Vintage*, @Glitter_N_Glue/ Glitter N Glue* and @NatalieOffDuty/Natalie Off Duty – (TIED) – Klout: 52
9. @EileenLee/ LA Lovetta*, @KellyRyanOBrien/ Kelly Ryan O’Brien* and @SincerelyJules/ Sincerely Jules – (TIED) – Klout: 51
10. @LaurieBStyle / Laurie B Style* and @Handbago / Handbago* – (TIED) – Klout: 50

*Two Point Oh! LA member




  1. Miss Fabu

    So this is interesting, but Klout only tells PART of the story.

    I do PR, and I look at Follower Numbers (Twitterholic), Blog Press Pick-up (Press Mentions/TV appearances), Size of Audience, Alexa Ranking etc.

    A top 10 list like this, only tells part of the story and Klout is imperfect at best.
    So, if you’re a blogger in Los Angeles not included on this list, or even further down the list, I wouldn’t take it very seriously. This is just sound & fury. People with TWICE as many Twitter followers as others, have lower Klout ratings. Go figure.

    1. Avatar of kelsi-smithkelsi-smith

      Hi, thanks for your comment. Of course, no one is suggesting Klout is the be all and end all. Hence this being the Klout list as opposed to THE list and only based on Twitter influence, nothing else. What I appreciate about Klout is that it looks at influence rather volume, giving a much better idea of who is talking to how many people – something that sheer number of followers doesn’t gauge. For example I follow a 1000 or so people on twitter – but unless they’re on one of my lists, I’m not paying attention to anything they’re saying. No system is perfect (and Alexa is one of the worst so I wouldn’t count on that for much) and everyone in PR should be using all tools available to them – and this includes Klout.